Sunday, November 4, 2007

First ever blog, let's see how this works!

Hey! I've read so much about blogging & have finally taken the 'plunge'. Mostly this is will begin as my side business blog to help support my website I've gotten so many requests for orders, I've decided to put people on a list so they can 'watch' my work & see where I am on the 'schedule' of orders. But, first, I have to figure out this whole page set-up!!! Wish me luck as I wander around . . . . .. I'll be back!


About Me

Welcome to my creative corner! As an artist, I tend to be constantly moving from one creative outlet to another. At any given time I may have clay, fabric, photos, html code, stamps, beads, paint, etc laying around! For those creations deemed excellent enough for sale or show-off, they will have a place of honor on my website. Enjoy the visual experience from the things Made by Trudi :)