Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sculpting Tutorials

I have found MANY sculpting tutorials very helpful to me in learning this unique craft. I have a list of 38 different tutorials compiled that I will share for free. Please send me a donation for all the work I have put into this information and I will be able to keep things running for new artists to learn too! I am barely making ends meet and would greatly appreciate any donation you feel you can give! THANK YOU!

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Another Baby

Baby Tutorials

Child Face


Another Hands


Head, mouth, nose video

eyes, ears video

foot video part 1

foot video part 2

My Sculpting Videos

Cheimarie Videos

Goddessdreams Hand Videos


Wigging a Man

Beard & Moustache

Old Man

Basic Wigging

Long hair

Wigging Diagrams

Regency Era

No Sew Wefts

Hole in Head Hair

T-cut Hair


Make Glass eyes

Eye Tutorial


Cicada Wings

Cellophane Wings

Fimo Gel Wings

Gemstone Powder Wings

Wing Tutorials

Fabric Wings

Another Fabric Wings

Rice Paper Wings

Butterfly Wing Creator

Fabric Wings

Fantasy Film Wing Tutorials

Blushing & Painting

Painting Eyes

Another Eye painting

My blushing Video

Misc Tutorials

Enchanted Whimsies Collection

Munchkin's Tutorials

Mini Photo studio