Monday, November 15, 2010

The best is when you see them touched by your work.

I met some new pirates that have joined the same Pirate Ship around the same time as we did. One of the young lads has been going thru a challenging time with his life. As he was leaving our get-together at my home, I suddenly thought to give him one of the Metrobians sculpts. The look on his face was so warming. He saw sadness in the little sculpt and just stared at it. The connection was exactly what my brother told me about last year. That I needed to sculpt what was on my heart and IT will touch the one person it needs to touch.

*sigh*.... art is so awesome that way!

When I am able to get over this low-thyroid fog, I will be sculpting again. Right now I've been starting the sewing machines for costuming. We will be working a Revolution period event this summer with some of the Pirates and I don't want to be sewing like crazy at the last minute! LOL! My girls are asking for help in creating little pirate outfits for their brother's teddy bears for Christmas gifts. *squee* it is sooo much fun to see the made-up patterns actually work! LOL! We will be putting together a bear & outfit to copy our Captain Rosabella's outfit for a gift for her... *shhhh* don't tell! *squeeee*

I've found so many inspiring costuming blogs, my brain is spinning! These gals are living my dream! I have always loved & studied historical clothing in highschool & college, but didn't have any support or resources to lead me down the right path. Then motherhood and life stepped in and got in the way. I am so intimidated by it all though, and working on the whole 'fear of failure' issue too. So far, I'm more excited than afraid!!

I bought 11 yards of natural silk just a little bit ago. I had some paypal $$ saved up for such an occasion as this. Seems the price will be going up soon with all the changes happening overseas. Silk is an awesome natural fiber that is like wool: keeps you warm in cool temps and cool in warm temps. Some people use silk inside their cloth baby diapers, I think because it is also anti-bacterial as well as wicking. I'm excited to make pirate shirts out of it so we don't die of sweat in the summer's heat. Typically, silk was used because it won't burn after you fire a flintlock and wounds don't get as infected if you do get shot. It was also used as sashes around your neck or waist tied each end to a flintlock. You would fire, then drop it to get to your sword or other gun. The flintlocks get hot and the silk would not burn. Kinda neat, huh!