Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sculpting ....

Progress video.... seems I am able to update every other day or so.... Enjoy the video!! I think I'm having as much fun making the videos as I am sculpting!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

NEXT . . . .!

The second dress will be shipped on Monday! Yea!! I will definately pick a different shipping company since this last one I have been working with has only given me problems of very late packages! I apologize to everyone for these recent problems!!

I had a minor setback of a few days because I received a call from my daughter's nephrologist (kidney specialist) telling me her last labs showed her blood sugar was at 195 and she needed to see an endocrinologist asap for possible diabetes. So early the next morning we were at the hospital. Hours and lotsa blood & sugar testing later, we find that she may have Turner's Syndrome. Actual blood chromosone testing will tell us for sure in 6 weeks. But it makes sense seeing that she is 6 years old and the size of a small 4 year old as well as these other autoimmune issues! She is showing about 75% of the characteristics. Now we know what we are dealing with & can take proper care of her to give her a better future.

So the stress of that day & trying to deal with the VA clinic for my care threw me into a pretty painful flare for the Thanksgiving weekend. I praise the Lord for my wonderful husband who helped my 2 eldest daughters make a ham & some basic trimmings for a very nice meal. I am very proud of them for pitching in as much as they do!!

Here is a small video/remix I made of my progress on the next sculpture.... Hopefully I'll be able to update it each time I take more picture (fingers crossed the program will work properly for me!!)

(this video is in the above post, so I took it out here so nobody gets confused!)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

getting done!! yea!

BALLGOWN is finished!! Hoping to get it to it's final home before Thanksgiving.. Other dress is nearly completed. A few issues with my sewing machines & trying to get my body to cooperate in a sitting position for more than 5 minutes has caused such a delay. I think my thorasic ribs are trying to fuse & they seem to get 'stuck' when I'm sitting in one position for too long. Gotta keep moving & gotta work on better posture!! It looks (thankfully) that this AS flare-up is reducing enough for me to function in day-to-day life.

here are the 2 dresses in their near completed stage:

Sadly, for awhile anyhow, it looks like I will have to put my machines into 'retirement'. The whole process of making these beautiful gowns really puts a strain on my body and I cannot keep a good working schedule to fit my customer's demands. I'm hoping after getting appropriate care & get this disease under some form of control, I may be able to start sewing again. If I have a series of good days, I may sew something & list it on ebay or etsy. If you have a special request for an order, send me a message & I can see what I can do for you at that time!

For now, I will focus more time on sculpting as I can sit back in a reclining chair and sculpt without as much strain on my back.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is Tuesday and I, thankfully, have a reduced flare-up day. I've had quite a week getting used to the idea that the AS (ankylosing spondylitis) is in a semi-permanent stage. I'm at a place with my hip that I'm looking for a cane. Kind of humbling at age 33 but I've found a great support forum that is opening my eyes to this disease! I've been in denial the past 12 years and I have to face it now!!

So what this means, is that my pace may be a bit slower in my creative 'business' on the bad flare-up days and I appreciate everyone's patience if I am a bit on the slow side on some days/weeks. The joint inflammation makes it very difficult to sit or stand for any length of time.

I've got one pink dress almost completed. Finishing touches that I hope to get finished today or tomorrow, but we'll see!

Friday, November 9, 2007

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to sew I go.....

I purchased all the necessary trim to finish both dresses within the next couple of days. YEA!

If you have already received one of my handmade items, don't forget to leave a comment here so I know you stopped by!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

today's post . . . or is it tomorrow?

It's 1:36 am (my time) and I've finally got things shut down for today (or would it be yesterday?). I have been working on the 2 dresses and have both nearly 1/2 finished. Time to get the special trim & lace to be able to continue to the next step. I expect the second half to go quickly.

As I sat sewing tonight, I was entertaining the thought of posting another gown on ebay this week. But then I'm never sure it would sell or if I'd have the time to squeeze another one in my already full list! If it sells, then I'd have that money to help pay for a chelation therapy for my 6 yo daughter (chelation: a detox program to get the heavy metals . . . lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum out of her body so she can finally start to heal from an autoimmune disease attacking her kidney & thyroid). But if it doesn't sell, then I'm out the listing fees and filled with another bout of disappointment! Oh the dilema! I guess I'll see what happens after these 2 dresses are completed and I get a few baby sculptures done to see how much time I have left. But that's how my mind works. I plan too far ahead and get overwhelmed at what I have to do now!!! LOL! Such is the mind of a creative person!!

I guess it also depends upon how long this flareup lasts. I found out some exciting information last night about AS (ankylosing spondylitis: my diagnosis from 12 years ago in the Navy, similar to rheumatoid arthritis) that shows how I can stop these joint flare-ups. It won't be easy, but I'm praying for the Lord's strength to stay away from all starches (you know....those yummy potatoes, sweet potatoes, breads, pasta, corn, peas, breads, pasta, breads, rice, grains . . . . oh, and don't forget about bread!!! LOL). Today I did a liquid fast all day & ate a few fried tomatoes for supper and I'm feeling better than the last couple of days. Tomorrow should be even better for me since I avoided all starches today. (ok, I cheated a tiny bit because I HAD to taste the rice and beef stew I heated up for everyone else). YEA! Feel-good days are very productive days!!

I'd better shut down the computer now so I can get some rest to deal with another fun & exciting day!
Be Blessed!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Something in the air ....

I wonder what's in the air today? I woke up with severe kidney/back pain again . . .ugh! Maybe staying up until 1:30 am didn't help my body much! My 2 youngest (3 & 2) are in quite a fighting mood all morning & everyone seems a bit grumpy. I should get them all bundled up & take a quick trip to the park to get their energy out and some fresh air. I love being able to do that with homeschooling 5! I first need to stop by the chiro to get some kidney supplements & then we have to go to the farm & pick up our milk. I think I also need to make a quick trip to the health store to get some Calms Forte for Kids and see if that will stop the all night crying of my 2 yo. For some reason most of my kids have that problem and after dealing with it for nearly 11 years (5 kids) I'm getting wore out!! I know this too shall pass.

I'm hoping today will be an excellend day for sewing. I praise the Lord my 2 eldest (11 & 9) have their schoolwork done in record time today, so that helps a LOT!

Some have messaged me asking how long the waiting list is . . . . Well, that is a difficult one to say because some days are just not good artistic days for sculpting and other days are superb! Time is a major commodity that seems to elude me lately, hence the staying up until 1 or 2 am!!

Get used to long-winded blogs . . . my social life is centered around the internet moms groups lately, since everyone around here is too busy for socializing! I'm really enjoying this kind of 'outlet', though. I love sharing & I have lots to share!!

As for the waiting list, I expect approximately 2 weeks per item being made. I will use this blog to keep everyone updated if I am behind or ahead of my projected schedule.

Here's my latest baby sculpture: the first is the model, the second is my interpretation:
Photobucket Photobucket
and 2 others I've recently made: butterfly babies: (click on the thumbnails for a larger view)


If you are interested in getting on the list, please leave a comment & I'll get back to you. Current prices for my sculpture babies are $60 if you order during the month of November. After that they will go up to $100. I am open to trades. Let me know what you've got & I'll work with you! And payment plans. Since there is a waiting list, you have some time to make payments! Look around on the internet & see that the usual cost of a custom sculpture is around $200. I am starting with lower prices to make them affordable to everyone to be able to enjoy! We also are in need of some specific chelation therapy for my 6 yo daughter that our insurance doesn't fully cover. So these sales will greatly help fund her medical bills and our homeschooling effort!
That was easy . . . I think I have it figured out.
So, for those interested, the Youtube videos are of a fellow sculptor, Cheimarie ( . Very inspiring, isn't she? Definately watch the video of her sculpting.

If you have placed an order for one of my handmade items (American 1700's Girl Dresses or a Baby Sculpture) your name or screenname will be on the list to the right. This way I can keep track of everyone and you can watch your name rise on the list! I'm having problems with my 2 youngest (2 & 3) who LOVE to draw & seem to always find my little notebook with important information on it and have to draw on every last page! I guess I should just smile and think of all the wonderful things they will create later in life!!

Here are my current 'jobs' I'm working on: (a similar customized dress going to chapel hill, NC)



I am so excited to be meeting so many neat people as they find their way to my website through search engines . . . . Thank you to all my customers!

Until next blogging time . . . . BE BLESSED!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

First ever blog, let's see how this works!

Hey! I've read so much about blogging & have finally taken the 'plunge'. Mostly this is will begin as my side business blog to help support my website I've gotten so many requests for orders, I've decided to put people on a list so they can 'watch' my work & see where I am on the 'schedule' of orders. But, first, I have to figure out this whole page set-up!!! Wish me luck as I wander around . . . . .. I'll be back!


About Me

Welcome to my creative corner! As an artist, I tend to be constantly moving from one creative outlet to another. At any given time I may have clay, fabric, photos, html code, stamps, beads, paint, etc laying around! For those creations deemed excellent enough for sale or show-off, they will have a place of honor on my website. Enjoy the visual experience from the things Made by Trudi :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sling Ring Pattern

Make your own Baby sling! Contact me to receive my pattern instructions via email: madebytrudi@gmail dot com and put 'Sling Ring Pattern please" in the subject line. Available in /pdf or Word format.

I have pictures and easy-to-understand instructions. There is no cutting involved in this easy pattern! All you need is 2.5 yards of your favorite fabric and sling rings!

You will need to purchase SLING RINGS separately because they come in a variety of colors. Please do not go to your local craft store and purchase the gold craft rings as they are not designed to hold the weight of a baby or child. They will separate & cause injury!

BONUS: kid's play sling instruction pattern and the free wearing instructions are also included! Make your child/ren their OWN sling rings for their teddy bears & dollies! HOW FUN!!

If you want me to print out a copy and ship to you, I ask for $5.00 to cover the cost.

Contact me via email: madebytrudi @ gmail dot com

(My slings are of the unpadded, open-tail persuasion.)

Baby & Pet Slings

Baby & Pet Slings

Babies and yong children learn trust and security best in the comfort of a loving caregiver's arms. Today's culture and schedules sometimes keep us from giving our little ones the 'hands-on' attention they need. Baby Slings made by Trudi are the perfect solution to your needs and are endorsed by chiropractors, pediatricians, psychologists, dads and moms! Studies have shown that babies and children thrive best when they are constantly stimulated in an adult world at an adult level. Being included in life by being carried in a baby sling encourages better physical, emotional and mental strangth.

Trudi is a busy mother of 5 children and has found the baby sling to be a necessary part of life with kids. Shopping & housework has never been easier with a sling! They support a newborn's spine and is very comfortable on your back as well. She has successfully used a sling inspite of dealing with spinal arthritis!

A sling has uses even through the toddler years, which makes this a great investment. TWO baby slings easily work together to carry two children at the same time. A great benefit for parents of twins or siblings close in age.

Most of my slings are sewn with silk loops in the tail to attach toys and help keep a nursing baby's hands from pinching & pulling at mom!

Why Sling Your Child? | Sling Features | Baby Sling Instructions | Disclaimer | Purchase My Pattern Here!

Pet Slings

Carry your special needs small pet in a sling! Sometimes pets get too old or has a special need and are unable to go on walks but still want to go out with you. The perfect solution is a Pet Sling! Cats, puppies, small dogs, ferrets, bunnies, newborn lambs & goats, and more can easily fit into a pet sling.

My pet slings are the same as the baby slings, except I do not add the silk loops to the tail. You may purchase any of my medium weight baby slings and use them with your pet or contact me with a specific fabric pattern (fabric with dogs, cats, bunnies, etc) and I will try to suit your request.

Child Play Slings
All child play slings are 100% cotton. Check out my store for the kid slings available for sale at this time. Look around and you can find the option of ordering a matching set . . . one for mommy & one for me!

Play Slings for Girls AND for Boys!

These slings are NOT appropriate to hold human babies! The rings will not support very much weight. These slings are intended for dollies, teddies and small pets like hampsters, kittens & lizzards with close adult supervision! Expect to find an occasional frog or rock in them if your son is using it!!

"I love carrying my toddlers in the sling! It keeps their little hands in places where I can see them and I know where they are when we are walking in a crowd. I also can get lots of kisses! I really enjoy my sling Made by Trudi!"
Tabitha ~ Michigan

"I fell in love with Trudi's sling at a wedding where we passed baby and sling around the table. I, my daughter, and grandson all wanted a "baby fix", and we each realized the comfort and security of holding the baby in this sling. It was just that one time, but I still remember how I felt with him in that cuddly position, and how we danced! I bought a sling just like it - the soft tie dyed cloth - and I'm looking forward to a baby shower and the delight it will bring to a new Mom. "
~Barbara, South Carolina

I have used a sling for all four of my children. I used it the most with my last 2. They were both premeeies that were 8 wks. early. I used the sling at the early age of 2-6 weeks for kangarooing them. It was the only thing that felt comfy enough and the child was able to be skin to skin. I used them for nursing, for shopping, for cleaning house and walks. It was great to have free hands to deal with my other children and still not give up that time with the newborn. We still use the sling today and our youngest is 2 1/2 yrs. old. We love the fact that it is so versitale and that it works for so long of the childs life. We are very thankful that this option is available and the time that you get is priceless.
~ Crystal, Michigan

Seller or manufacturer is not responsible for any kind of injury to adult, child or pet from the use of a Baby Sling made by Trudi.

The general recommended weight limit to be carried in a baby sling is 35 pounds. However, the slings are fully capable of holding more weight. Please use caution and common sense when using a baby sling. Check your sling frequently for signs of wear.

Lightweight, summer fabrics may wear out faster, especially if used frequently in the water. Chlorine in pools will also shorten the life of a sling.

Lightweight fabrics will not hold heavy children as well as heavier fabrics. The lighter slings tend to 'loosen' a bit from the weight of the child as they are worn. Frequent tightening may be necessary, or get a heavier weight sling when your child gets too heavy for the lighter sling.

For health reasons, please do not use the same sling for a pet and a child.

Child Slings are only intended to be used with toy dolls & stuffed animals. The rings are not strong enough to support a real baby. Use with caution with small pets (kittens, guinea pigs, hampsters, etc).

Children may use an adult sized sling with their pets and older siblings may be able to carry a younger sibling in an adult sling with CLOSE adult supervision.

Colonial Style American Girl Clothing

Colonial American Girl Clothes
Here are pictures of just a few of the American Colonial Costumes I have made in the past.

Sculpting Tutorials

I have found MANY sculpting tutorials very helpful to me in learning this unique craft. I have a list of 38 different tutorials compiled that I will share for free. Please send me a donation for all the work I have put into this information and I will be able to keep things running for new artists to learn too! I am barely making ends meet and would greatly appreciate any donation you feel you can give! THANK YOU!

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