Wednesday, November 7, 2007

today's post . . . or is it tomorrow?

It's 1:36 am (my time) and I've finally got things shut down for today (or would it be yesterday?). I have been working on the 2 dresses and have both nearly 1/2 finished. Time to get the special trim & lace to be able to continue to the next step. I expect the second half to go quickly.

As I sat sewing tonight, I was entertaining the thought of posting another gown on ebay this week. But then I'm never sure it would sell or if I'd have the time to squeeze another one in my already full list! If it sells, then I'd have that money to help pay for a chelation therapy for my 6 yo daughter (chelation: a detox program to get the heavy metals . . . lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum out of her body so she can finally start to heal from an autoimmune disease attacking her kidney & thyroid). But if it doesn't sell, then I'm out the listing fees and filled with another bout of disappointment! Oh the dilema! I guess I'll see what happens after these 2 dresses are completed and I get a few baby sculptures done to see how much time I have left. But that's how my mind works. I plan too far ahead and get overwhelmed at what I have to do now!!! LOL! Such is the mind of a creative person!!

I guess it also depends upon how long this flareup lasts. I found out some exciting information last night about AS (ankylosing spondylitis: my diagnosis from 12 years ago in the Navy, similar to rheumatoid arthritis) that shows how I can stop these joint flare-ups. It won't be easy, but I'm praying for the Lord's strength to stay away from all starches (you know....those yummy potatoes, sweet potatoes, breads, pasta, corn, peas, breads, pasta, breads, rice, grains . . . . oh, and don't forget about bread!!! LOL). Today I did a liquid fast all day & ate a few fried tomatoes for supper and I'm feeling better than the last couple of days. Tomorrow should be even better for me since I avoided all starches today. (ok, I cheated a tiny bit because I HAD to taste the rice and beef stew I heated up for everyone else). YEA! Feel-good days are very productive days!!

I'd better shut down the computer now so I can get some rest to deal with another fun & exciting day!
Be Blessed!

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