Monday, April 7, 2008

Siblings finished

Babies are finished! The difference in size was because of different eyes! Amazing how the whole sculpt is BASED on the size of the eye!

Friday, April 4, 2008

been sick... snif...

Updating everyone on my slow progress. The weather has been crazy.. rain & snow storms blowing in and has been causing crazy flares in my body! With 5 kids doing their thing on days I cannot keep up.. things become a mess pretty quickly. So my good days are spent catching up as best as I can. This week I ended up with a strep infection or something similar to give me a nice swollen throat. Which caused a neck & low back flare like you wouldn't believe! I now know that intense pain CAN make you throw up!!! Strange experience! I'm wondering if I caught something at the dentist or the VA clinic during my 2x a week physical therapy sessions..... hmmmmmm...

All that being said... pfwhew... today was a day that Advil & Tylenol worked pretty well to get me off the couch. I'm hoping to get the next sculpt FINISHED this weekend. Only have hair & blushing to do. I have been taking pictures too for a new YouTube video when I'm finished.

The next person on the list can email their pictures to me anytime now... send it to as well as a reminder of what we agreed for payment/trade.