Saturday, November 3, 2007

Baby & Pet Slings

Baby & Pet Slings

Babies and yong children learn trust and security best in the comfort of a loving caregiver's arms. Today's culture and schedules sometimes keep us from giving our little ones the 'hands-on' attention they need. Baby Slings made by Trudi are the perfect solution to your needs and are endorsed by chiropractors, pediatricians, psychologists, dads and moms! Studies have shown that babies and children thrive best when they are constantly stimulated in an adult world at an adult level. Being included in life by being carried in a baby sling encourages better physical, emotional and mental strangth.

Trudi is a busy mother of 5 children and has found the baby sling to be a necessary part of life with kids. Shopping & housework has never been easier with a sling! They support a newborn's spine and is very comfortable on your back as well. She has successfully used a sling inspite of dealing with spinal arthritis!

A sling has uses even through the toddler years, which makes this a great investment. TWO baby slings easily work together to carry two children at the same time. A great benefit for parents of twins or siblings close in age.

Most of my slings are sewn with silk loops in the tail to attach toys and help keep a nursing baby's hands from pinching & pulling at mom!

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Pet Slings

Carry your special needs small pet in a sling! Sometimes pets get too old or has a special need and are unable to go on walks but still want to go out with you. The perfect solution is a Pet Sling! Cats, puppies, small dogs, ferrets, bunnies, newborn lambs & goats, and more can easily fit into a pet sling.

My pet slings are the same as the baby slings, except I do not add the silk loops to the tail. You may purchase any of my medium weight baby slings and use them with your pet or contact me with a specific fabric pattern (fabric with dogs, cats, bunnies, etc) and I will try to suit your request.

Child Play Slings
All child play slings are 100% cotton. Check out my store for the kid slings available for sale at this time. Look around and you can find the option of ordering a matching set . . . one for mommy & one for me!

Play Slings for Girls AND for Boys!

These slings are NOT appropriate to hold human babies! The rings will not support very much weight. These slings are intended for dollies, teddies and small pets like hampsters, kittens & lizzards with close adult supervision! Expect to find an occasional frog or rock in them if your son is using it!!

"I love carrying my toddlers in the sling! It keeps their little hands in places where I can see them and I know where they are when we are walking in a crowd. I also can get lots of kisses! I really enjoy my sling Made by Trudi!"
Tabitha ~ Michigan

"I fell in love with Trudi's sling at a wedding where we passed baby and sling around the table. I, my daughter, and grandson all wanted a "baby fix", and we each realized the comfort and security of holding the baby in this sling. It was just that one time, but I still remember how I felt with him in that cuddly position, and how we danced! I bought a sling just like it - the soft tie dyed cloth - and I'm looking forward to a baby shower and the delight it will bring to a new Mom. "
~Barbara, South Carolina

I have used a sling for all four of my children. I used it the most with my last 2. They were both premeeies that were 8 wks. early. I used the sling at the early age of 2-6 weeks for kangarooing them. It was the only thing that felt comfy enough and the child was able to be skin to skin. I used them for nursing, for shopping, for cleaning house and walks. It was great to have free hands to deal with my other children and still not give up that time with the newborn. We still use the sling today and our youngest is 2 1/2 yrs. old. We love the fact that it is so versitale and that it works for so long of the childs life. We are very thankful that this option is available and the time that you get is priceless.
~ Crystal, Michigan

Seller or manufacturer is not responsible for any kind of injury to adult, child or pet from the use of a Baby Sling made by Trudi.

The general recommended weight limit to be carried in a baby sling is 35 pounds. However, the slings are fully capable of holding more weight. Please use caution and common sense when using a baby sling. Check your sling frequently for signs of wear.

Lightweight, summer fabrics may wear out faster, especially if used frequently in the water. Chlorine in pools will also shorten the life of a sling.

Lightweight fabrics will not hold heavy children as well as heavier fabrics. The lighter slings tend to 'loosen' a bit from the weight of the child as they are worn. Frequent tightening may be necessary, or get a heavier weight sling when your child gets too heavy for the lighter sling.

For health reasons, please do not use the same sling for a pet and a child.

Child Slings are only intended to be used with toy dolls & stuffed animals. The rings are not strong enough to support a real baby. Use with caution with small pets (kittens, guinea pigs, hampsters, etc).

Children may use an adult sized sling with their pets and older siblings may be able to carry a younger sibling in an adult sling with CLOSE adult supervision.