Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sling Ring Pattern

Make your own Baby sling! Contact me to receive my pattern instructions via email: madebytrudi@gmail dot com and put 'Sling Ring Pattern please" in the subject line. Available in /pdf or Word format.

I have pictures and easy-to-understand instructions. There is no cutting involved in this easy pattern! All you need is 2.5 yards of your favorite fabric and sling rings!

You will need to purchase SLING RINGS separately because they come in a variety of colors. Please do not go to your local craft store and purchase the gold craft rings as they are not designed to hold the weight of a baby or child. They will separate & cause injury!

BONUS: kid's play sling instruction pattern and the free wearing instructions are also included! Make your child/ren their OWN sling rings for their teddy bears & dollies! HOW FUN!!

If you want me to print out a copy and ship to you, I ask for $5.00 to cover the cost.

Contact me via email: madebytrudi @ gmail dot com

(My slings are of the unpadded, open-tail persuasion.)


Ecbatana Eagleturtle said...

I'm an artist going full-time and a new two-time gramma. One is one year and one is 8 months. I'd LOVE the sling pattern, but I'm in a hurry right now. ---too late for my purposes, but you might consider selling downloadable PDF copies of your pattern using PayPal. It would still be worth the $9, just a choice of delivery much faster. REALLY I would not make the discount for S&H, just flat nine bucks! ...something to think about - are there photos of the final look of the sling(s)? ...I'm making mine from my own pattern, but I would have downloaded yours in lieu of the testing, testing, testing.
I ADORE your baby sculptures; that's how I found you. My little-older 'baby aviators' graphic arts are on Cafepress at

Trudi said...

Thanks for the tip. I had transferred my website to the blog and forgot about this part. At the time I was selling the 2 patterns with rings, but ran out of rings. I will be changing the post! If you want the pattern, I can send it via email if you would like to take a look and try it. I believe I have images of the sling in use around the blog.....