Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A new thing

my previous auctions are ended.....

I've found a local sculpting friend who is such a lovely gal and fantastic sculptor....www.awakeneddreams.com. She has graciously given me some pointers on sculpting adult females...I've been wanting to start so badly, but all attempts have failed thus far. My time to work & frustrations were too high to do any good for me. Last night I got a good amt done on the head & torso and I'm actually very pleased with her. I am going to make a Greek woman. Not sure if it will end up a fairy, but the holes are there in case she decides to have wings. When I find my camera I will post her picture.

Friday, July 18, 2008

ebay auction is now listed!

Here's my re-listed auction starting at 99 cents on ebay:

my little corn husk baby I made last August..... the corn husk is made of liquid polymer clay... VERY realistic!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

baby became a merbaby!

The baby has changed to become a mer-baby... his tail fin is made of liquid Fimo and the fin bones are of clay. They are very fragile and I may need to re-do the fin and use wire instead.

This is my first mermaid sculpt and I'm pretty pleased with his results! I made him gills instead of ears and he's got extra fins on his arms and waist made the same way as his tail fin. The liquid Fimo dries to a rubbery consistency.

This was very FUN!!