Wednesday, June 3, 2009

long time away

I've been too consumed with flares this past Feb & March, then consumed with finding time and energy for gardening & homeschooling and drs visits.... sigh.. time has just flown! I haven't gotten my website finished, and then decided I may just let the whole thing expire this August or whenever it is that it expires. I don't have the extra money to keep it up, esp since it looks like I will probably not be sculpting or sewing as much as I had intended! I am somewhat sad, but am not allowing myself to say 'never'. That leaves my future open to whatever possibilities available. But, I was getting a very nice website almost finished! LOL! I'll get it up & running for at least a couple months anyhow.

For those visiting for sculpting information, ask away & I'll give answers or links to answers for you! To the right are a lot of excellent books & supplies for those interested in starting sculpting. Click on the store and you will be able to see all that is available. There is more than just books available!

I will always keep this blog updated too. I have some babyslings still available to sell as well and will post pictures when I get them uploaded.

I will also sew American Girl costumes upon request, if you allow me a little extra time to deal with my spondy flares. Things move slower some days.