Wednesday, June 3, 2009

long time away

I've been too consumed with flares this past Feb & March, then consumed with finding time and energy for gardening & homeschooling and drs visits.... sigh.. time has just flown! I haven't gotten my website finished, and then decided I may just let the whole thing expire this August or whenever it is that it expires. I don't have the extra money to keep it up, esp since it looks like I will probably not be sculpting or sewing as much as I had intended! I am somewhat sad, but am not allowing myself to say 'never'. That leaves my future open to whatever possibilities available. But, I was getting a very nice website almost finished! LOL! I'll get it up & running for at least a couple months anyhow.

For those visiting for sculpting information, ask away & I'll give answers or links to answers for you! To the right are a lot of excellent books & supplies for those interested in starting sculpting. Click on the store and you will be able to see all that is available. There is more than just books available!

I will always keep this blog updated too. I have some babyslings still available to sell as well and will post pictures when I get them uploaded.

I will also sew American Girl costumes upon request, if you allow me a little extra time to deal with my spondy flares. Things move slower some days.


CoreyTina&boys said...

hey do you have fibromyalgia? I was just reading that you are having "flares" and another comment about pain. I can tell you what helped me and its over the counter. I also have fibro, and sculpt babies, how crazy.

Trudi said...

Hi! I have ankylosing spondylitis which is often misdiagnosed as fibro esp in women because most doctors 'think' only men get AS. sigh. AS attacks the tendons esp in the spine and 'wants' to fuse everything together. So far nothing OTC, PX, supplements, diet, or alternative therapy has helped me in any way. I'm currently trying low dose naltrexone with some slight results.

It seems a lot of artists are afflicted in some way!

living1 said...

how do i get this to trudi, how much for the baby in the ornament?
please asap.

Trudi said...

Hi Living1, I'm afraid that sculpt in a glass ball ornament already has a home. When I get the time, I will be attempting another one. I am a little 'rusty' in my sculpting and I want it to be perfect, so it may take me some time... you can email me at madebytrudi at gmail dot com or wait until I post pictures here when it is finished.