Monday, November 5, 2007

That was easy . . . I think I have it figured out.
So, for those interested, the Youtube videos are of a fellow sculptor, Cheimarie ( . Very inspiring, isn't she? Definately watch the video of her sculpting.

If you have placed an order for one of my handmade items (American 1700's Girl Dresses or a Baby Sculpture) your name or screenname will be on the list to the right. This way I can keep track of everyone and you can watch your name rise on the list! I'm having problems with my 2 youngest (2 & 3) who LOVE to draw & seem to always find my little notebook with important information on it and have to draw on every last page! I guess I should just smile and think of all the wonderful things they will create later in life!!

Here are my current 'jobs' I'm working on: (a similar customized dress going to chapel hill, NC)



I am so excited to be meeting so many neat people as they find their way to my website through search engines . . . . Thank you to all my customers!

Until next blogging time . . . . BE BLESSED!!

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