Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 faces done

I've got the next 2 faces finished and ready for their bodies to be sculpted. The faces are very challenging to get to look like a real baby. I think those that are on the list will be my last ones to get a portrait sculpture. They are extremely difficult. I will still take customized orders to have similar features (eye color & hair color) but will not be able to make relicas any longer. It really restricts the creative process!! I've noticed many fellow sculptors say the same thing. Which that could be one reason it is rare to find a portrait sculptor! I have enjoyed sculpting these last 2 fairy sculpts very much! They helped get my creative juices flowing again! I was amazed that I had to squish 6 heads and I just gave up. Then I created the mini pregnant fairy & BAM! I was able to sculpt the 2 heads in one day!! YEA!


I was able to take only a few pictures of my progress before my battery died. So I will try tomorrow to get them uploaded for the blog.

Here's a link to a great article about the chaos going on at eBay.

My auctions are posted in the previous post.

See ya tomorrow!

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