Wednesday, December 12, 2007

soon.....sculpting time is scarce!

I am plugging away at finding sculpting time. I know many are patiently (or impatiently ;-) ) waiting for their name to reach the top! We had a stressful weekend with hubby getting strep. Ugh! I'm so glad he was a good sport! Sometimes he does not fare well being sick, but he got our new dishwasher installed, inspite of the original owners installing it very .... um.... badly! We're waiting for him to feel 100% to finish the drain hose so we can use it...yea!! My girls are excited to finally have a functioning dishwasher (after having to handwash for the past 3 years!!)

I'm sure you all don't want to hear about my family woes, so let's get down to the purpose you are all here.... the sculpture work in progress pictures and videos. I'm wondering how many are actually watching them & what are your responses.... Please, leave a message so I know if things are working on your end of the blog!! Things are taking quite a while to upload & edit so please bear with me!

Here's a picture of my progress on the next one....

Here's one video uploaded so far.... edited: this video is now changed to the new remixed video. If there are moments the video stalls, you can either wait a minute or click the video ahead a couple seconds. Not sure the cause (other than internet/computer speed issues). I will hopefully get more of this WIP in the next couple of days! Enjoy!!

My goal is to finish this one by the end of the week. We are going out of the state (to MN) to help my mother in law move into her new house from the 19-30th, so any other sculpting will have to wait until we get back!


SaraBear said...

Hi Trudi, The videos are great I have been watching them on and off. I can't wait to see WIP on my babies!!!!

sara.weiss said...

Hi Trudi,
the videos are great. I love seeing your progress and can't wait to see the WIP on my babies!!!

madebytrudi said...

Thank you, Sara! Your sculpture is coming soon.....!! Isn't it fun watching & waiting....?! I'll hopefully get the next videos up tonight.

whimsicalwings said...

Yes your movies help me quite a bit. I have been trying to switch from dragons to fairies and babies and you help me greatly.