Tuesday, December 18, 2007


YEA! Baby's done! Didn't think it was going to happen with all the things going wrong around here! It seems my 2 yr old KNOWS my deadlines & insists on being extra crabby & needing mommie. Here's the completed sculpture ..... now, I'm trying to remember if the next one has sent me pictures yet.... I'll have to search thru my emails! So expect to hear from me soon! Or, better yet, send me a note: trudi@madebytrudi.com (all emails will get fwded to my charter.net address so don't worry if I referred you to a different email!)

When I get the time, I will post more wip videos! I've started a YouTube account. You may look me up under the name Madebytrudi. So far I only have one video uploaded as they seem to take too much time uploading right now.

I will continue to post here throughout our trip in Minnesota. I will bring my sculpting things in case I become immensely inspired and have to fulfill my addiction. We are helping my mother-in-law move into her new home. I probably won't help a whole lot, but I'll be there watching the kids & enjoying seeing everyone else move boxes!!! Finally, I'm not the one doing it!! LOL! I've moved 16 times in the past 11 years! And we stayed at one house for 4 years. Yep. It'll be nice to see others move boxes!!

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