Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. We had a super busy trip to northern MN & back thru WI & IL visiting family & attending a wedding and visiting more family. Now time to finish cleaning from the trip & get back to work! This week is filled with dr appts for myself & my daughter, R. Her test results have come back showing she does have Turner's syndrome. Her endocrinologist wants to meet with us this week to explain the genetic diseases & the treatments for it. Nonstop things to do!!

I am awaiting payment & pictures for the next order of babies and will get them started soon. If you are feeling a bit generous, please click on the google ads to help give me a few extra pennies! I am also working on uploading my videos to YouTube under the name: madebytrudi, so keep your eyes open for those as well!

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