Sunday, January 6, 2008

videos on YouTube

I've uploaded my WIP video clips in YouTube. Someday I hope to be able to mesh them all together into one nicely working stream... but until that day, you can view them together in a post below or separately on YouTube. In the column at the very bottom of the blog has my direct links to my You Tube sculpting videos.

I have set a deadline for the current #1 person on my waiting list to contact me with pictures & payment or a response by Tuesday. If nothing happens, I will bump her down to #2 on the list and #2 will become #1. I definately understand if financial strife has happened & am not offended in the least if someone has to back out before I start their sculpt. Please let me know if something 'comes up'.

I thank everyone for their comments both here, on my website guestbook & on YouTube!

Strange thing with this talent, I've noticed my fellow artists have the same dilema... some days, no matter how HARD you try or how much you really want to be creative, your brain & hands cannot work together properly & nothing goes right! ugh!

So let's all pray for many 'good days' ahead so I can get some good sculpting done!

For those who are interested in learning to sculpt, here is a link to a fantastic forum with a plethora of tutorials & seasoned sculptors to ask questions & receive feedback. Many on the group focus on fantasy sculpts, but more & more baby sculptors are joining the group. You can learn a lot very quickly!

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