Wednesday, January 30, 2008

nearly finished

This is the same link as the video in the previous post... I just updated the whole show with my new sculpting progress.


K Daheim said...

I just wrote a msg and it disappeared. Your art is beautiful. I followed your link from the Spondy site. I too have AS- and, wanted to say to try going gluten free. I did two months ago, and can now SLEEP SOUNDLY at night, THINK CLEARLY, and (get this) put my pants and underwear on standing up.... oh, and take a deep breath. Really. Gluten is the devil (this from a girl who has a book of poetry about the joys of wheat).


Trudi said...

thanks, KD, for your comments! Yes, we are 99% gluten-free and nearly starch free here...rarely do we eat potatoes, wheat, corn, peas, bread, etc.... mostly because I was a carb addict and have been changing our diet to help me lose weight & keep everyone healthy. I also have several kids who do not do well on wheat. I drink Kombucha Tea at night to help me sleep & deal with the fatigue monster that goes with AS! see you on the spondy site! say Hi to me!