Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Granny and Baby!

The mohair was not what I expected and am not sure it is sellable. On the good side, I am going with a friend to a place to learn to spin, so I'm going to use the mohair for spinning and see what happens. I am SO excited!

Here's a couple pictures of my newest sculpture to add to the Metrobian Clan: granny & baby. Granny sits less than 2.5 inches!

My other finished sculpt:

blue baby 1

The baby is sitting on my wedding ring (size 8). Then I nestled him inside a glass teardrop.

blue baby 1


Tece said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE your granny and baby! What a fabulous piece of work- good job- very creative!

Trudie said...

Such character and originality. Super work!