Wednesday, April 14, 2010

YAY! mohair is on it's way!!

I ordered 2 pounds of mohair the other day. My paypal account finally had enough money to get it in. One pound is probably not going to be in enough locks to dye & sell for sculpts so I intend to dye it and visit a shop nearby that has a spinning wheel I can try my hand at spinning the hair into yarn. Squeeee! Sounds like FUN!

The other pound I will be dying and selling. I prefer to sell off ebay so if anybody wants some, lemme know! I'm trying to remember the price I've sold before because it was usually a bit cheaper than the 'normal' price on ebay. This is a first shearing on a kid, so it is EXTRA fine and silky. I will have to wait and see the quality when it arrives, so stay tuned!

Also if anybody has any color needs/preferences please let me know now so I can customize it for you!

Hopefully, I'll have my latest sculpt finished. I just need to put hair on the granny & baby, but it is pretty neat! I can't wait to see it finished & photographed!


Kay's Kakes said...

i can't wait to see it either
love your work
kay from

Trudi said...

Thanks Kay! I didn't know I had any fans! squeeeee!! I have to get the photos uploaded hopefully this evening!